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Make the most of your days with Hyperlocal Forecasts

Daily, hourly and down to the minute – we have a forecast for your every need.

Track every storm with Live Radar

Be it wind, rain or snow - our reliable live Radar lets you monitor the current position and projected path of storms so that you are always prepared, whatever the weather.

Keep your family safe with Severe Weather Alerts

Timely alerts for inclement weather conditions in your area so you and your family are always safe and are never caught unaware.

Enjoy weather stories from around the world

From the latest weather in your area to significant weather events on the other side of the world, we bring you a variety of engaging weather content.

Personalize your weather

Try our curated collection of customizable widgets to design your home screen weather experience just the way you want it.

More than 100 million people across the world depend on 1Weather for their daily weather needs.

More than 100 million people across the world depend on 1Weather for their daily weather needs.

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I really enjoy this app especially now. Tornado season & storm season - radar is vital. Planting season - plant during the dark of the moon. Yes, section is there solely for sun & moon. When can I seed - long range lows to avoid freezes. I love how the notice might say 'rain beginning in 2 hrs 35 minutes' - no weatherman is that correct - maybe 2 hrs & 45 minutes? Stiill I have time to run to the store before it. And it can travel with you with information on different cities. Yes, I like it
I don't currently own a TV, haven't in almost 10 years. News is depressing and usually watered down truths. I refuse to suffer through it just to catch a semi-accurate weather forecast, when I can do the same thing on the app. I even trained my cat, wait to check the radar, to see if he can go outside. I can put multiple zip codes. Let friends on the road know they were fixing to encounter horrible weather, turned into one of those deadly tornadoes. They detoured and didn't ruin their honeymoon.
I can't live without the 1 Weather App! I use it when I first get up, at work, before I go home, and at night to plan the next day. It's very accurate. I can see the weather Daily, Hourly, and Weekly. There's the Radar, e.g., rain and thunderstorms, wind velocity, setting of the sun and moon, and humidity. There's some fun and interesting facts right below these features called weather shorts. Very interesting articles! The best part is there are no interruptions. Don't wait. Download it now!
Great, well researched and accurate forecasts. NOT your below average cell phone weather app. This is the real deal. Who needs local tv weather 'meteorologists' any more? If I took the time to really explore this very deep weather app, it was amazing. Be sure and check out the 'show more' links, the live Radar Loop, the 'Discussion' link, the 'Short Term' and the 'Long Term' links. Yes, the printed material and the icons could be a bit larger, but if I had to choose I'd rather have more info.
Here in California the other night I got an alert that it will rain in 36 minutes. It's summertime and it doesn't rain here in summer. Little did I know there was some sort of tropical depression by Baja spitting out clouds, anyway it rained twice that night. Get this app it's for real! I forgot to add I even checked to make sure my location was on and it was, which made it more interesting. Today is 2/16/24 and this app still rocks! So accurate and dependable. I highly recommend this app.
Never look any further then what is already given to you. It's the most convenient, most reliable, and best of all free for anyone. Never be lost again! This app has saved me from being out in one to many rain showers. Never be caught up in the store again. Only to walk out to see it's coming a hurricane. No umbrella at hand and alot more steps then usually to take just to make it to the car. Then unloading the groceries. No disappointment for anyone I PROMISE! The rest is up to YOU!

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